Her Story, Her Words, Her Mission – TSF Proudly Presents Ms. Zahra Tehrani, Director of the Young Women’s Music Project

A special introduction by The Shipping Forecast founder, Mr. Scott Lyman

Ladies and gentlemen, over the past seven years, I’ve helped bring some fascinating interviews to this blog so that readers, from around the globe, can discover someone they would not have otherwise known of. Whilst this interview is no exception, the subject of it is, without doubt, exceptional.

Ms. Tehrani has been involved with the Oxford-based YWMP for 15 years. She has helped mentor countless young ladies in an effort to help them realise their voice, self-esteem, confidence and identity. I am only too honoured to help her spread the word about this amazing non-profit project. For, without it, too many aspiring female musicians either wouldn’t know where to begin or would be too afraid to pursue their dream of making music.

Due to an illness (at the time), Ms. Tehrani sent us a very special gift; she recorded her answers to the queries we sent her. Her responses are far more powerful than any transcription we could share. After listening to her thoughtful and considered replies, twice, I invite anyone who views this post to take the time to hear the audio in its entirety.

Please visit http://www.ywmp.org.uk to learn more about this noble endeavour.


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