TSF’s Band of the Year – Coldredlight



We returneth! After embarking on a two month sojourn that included catching up on some Radio 4 and BBC Introducing in Oxford podcasts, we decided, unanimously, that it was high time we updated our labour of love. And we couldn’t be happier to share one of our most satisfying discoveries.

Care of Dave Gilyeat and Co at BBC Introducing in Oxford (who never fail to broaden our collective, discerning musical palette), we were recently introduced to a band that have since spoiled our ear drums with a sonic gift that carries on giving. That band is Coldredlight, its members are vocalist/guitarist Gaby-Elise and drummer Casper Miles and their gloriously, soulfully moody blues debut track is Little Scorpion.

We must admit; we know absolutely nothing about this duo…other than that their gem of a demo is the audio equivalent of the Hope diamond (this is not hyperbole, it’s pure matter of fact goodness). After our initial listen of the track, we played it again…and again..and again…and again (add about 10 more agains and you’ll see a subtle pattern develop).

What makes Little Scorpion so potent is the intoxicating combination of Gaby’s powerful doom and gloom vocal melody/delivery and guitar riff, which are eventually enriched with Casper’s simple yet highly robust drumming (the kind that would make Meg White smile and nod with approval).

Please clink on the link provided to hear our band of the year perform our track of the year.

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