For Helen Holland, Thank You

  In 2004, our highly creative CEA (Chief Executive Anglophile), Mr. Scott Lyman, was hired on at a top shelf hotel in downtown Ann Arbor MI, to work as a humble bellman/valet. During his first week of work, the hotel hosted a large group of Pfizer employees arriving from the UK. One of the many employees to check in, that day, was a very stunning British lady. Upon enquiring about her (after becoming smitten with her straight away), the front desk agent that checked her in told Scott that the lady’s name was Helen Holland. Soon after, the front desk staff (including his bellman co-workers) playfully coaxed Scott (knowing full well about his obsession with England and his affinity for British women) into trying to engage Helen in a casual chat. During her stay, the opportunity never presented itself…..

The following Spring, on one unassuming and very normal Sunday, Scott was working during a quiet, seemingly uneventful morning. Suddenly..Helen entered the lobby via the main entry doors, a couple of shopping bags in tow. Scott was taken by complete and utter surprise (though he tried most ardently to maintain his composure). After his co-worker attempted, in a most feeble manner, to engage Helen in a chat, the co-worker walked into the gift shop, leaving Scott alone with the would be woman of his dreams. Searching for a way to break the proverbial ice, Scott noticed Helen’s lovely outfit and immediately complimented her on it. She smiled and informed him that she bought the outfit in London, before returning to Michigan. Taking this as a perfect segue, Scott began telling Helen about his ardent admiration for England. Immediately intrigued by this, Helen began asking Scott about why he loved England so much. For the next 20 minutes, the rest of the world retreated into the woodwork as Helen and Scott chatted about Jane Austen, their favourite tea, Radiohead, the MINI, the Reading Festival and BBC Radio 1. Suddenly, a woman (a friend Helen was waiting for) entered the lobby and Helen brought her into the conversation, telling her, “This lovely chap is Scott. He adores England.” Scott chatted with Helen and her friend for a few more minutes before they headed for the exit. As they reached the entry doors, Helen turned round to Scott and, with a smile, said, “I really enjoyed our chat Scott.” For the rest of the day, Scott felt nothing but pure euphoria.

After that day, he never saw Helen again…but the wheels in the aspiring screenwriter department of his imagination begin turning like a freight train moving at full speed. Four years after that fateful day (and after numerous revisions), Scott completed work on the first and second installments of what has become The Sky Trilogy. The first film is entitled The Sky Has Waited Long Enough, part 2 is called The Sky Will Go On Forever and the final, yet to be written installment, will be called The Sky Is All We Need. This has been a passion project for Scott; it’s an homage to a lady he has never forgotten and never will. Last August, Scott finally found Helen and contacted her. In an email, Scott recounted every detail from that day, 10 years ago. He sent the email, thinking, “She may not remember me or that chat, but I’ve got nothing to lose.” A week later, Scott checked his inbox..and Helen sent this amazing reply:

This email has become Scott’s final bit of motivation to see his screenplays become a cinematic reality. He has promised Helen that, if this trilogy is made, he will send her a VIP invite to the premiere of each film. He is determined to make good on that promise.

About scootsandtiz

not angry or snarky. far from it. just observing the Meltdown of Civilization with plenty of references to Scary Movie 1. secrets we've discovered along the way: 1) Chris Matthews is an angry lesbian. 2) Little dogs are EVERYWHERE. 3) people can't get enough of touch screens. 4) the 21st century is herding us. 5) we don't tweet. we're humans last time i checked. greight.
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2 Responses to For Helen Holland, Thank You

  1. Follow your dreams – may they all become realities!

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